Asset management software provides a range of vital capabilities for companies with asset-intensive business models. Broadly speaking, EAM software differs from CMMS in that the former manages the asset throughout its life cycle, while the latter focuses primarily on maintenance operations.

Given that in this type of company maintenance, in addition to being a value factor for investments, is a key functionality for operational and commercial activity, the CMMS functionalities of an asset management software make it an indispensable tool for ensuring the maximum use of each asset they possess.

CMMS functionalities of an EAM

EAM’s CMMS functionality allows you to actively track and manage assets across multiple business locations, enabling maintenance managers to access relevant information from any device. It is an integrated solution that brings together the six main management processes into a single product: asset management, jobs, services, contracts, inventory and procurement.

Here are some of the main features you should consider and analyse when purchasing EAM software if you want to get the most out of your maintenance operations.

Asset lifecycle management

Through asset tracking capabilities, managers can obtain real-time data on all their equipment, including tracking costs, identifying potential problems and making timely adjustments to maintenance schedules according to immediate and long-term needs. This section includes the analysis of information through customisable dashboards or dynamic management reports.

Informes dinámicos EAM

Incident management

It allows users to record accidents, emissions, operator notifications, notices and other data without the need to issue a work order. This functionality creates an audit trail of the incident that allows the user to set up workflow tasks or track work orders related to a particular case.

Work order management

Through this functionality, work orders can be efficiently managed, totally reducing the possibility of losing track of them, since all of them are stored in a searchable database. By accessing the system, you can see the status of all work orders, such as those that have not yet been initiated, those that are in progress and those that have already been executed.

Supplier management

It allows users to establish a secure access point for suppliers and facilitates suppliers sending and receiving updates on activities and work orders. Suppliers then provide quotes, notes and other required details, and update the costs and status of orders and jobs. In addition, they offer the possibility of automatic allocation of the work order to the supplier, based on geographical criteria and the type of work.

All these features improve efficiency and reduce overall job completion times and costs.

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Budget management

This functionality allows us to incorporate an automated system for requesting and authorising maintenance estimates, improving the traceability of invoicing by doing so electronically, reducing the administrative burden and generating greater control of expenditure and therefore of the investment.

Inventory management

It allows the tracking of parts, tools and other materials needed to perform maintenance, smoothly managing all billing associated with the help of the bar code, all in one system. This functionality helps reduce costs by streamlining inventory and supply management functions.

Preventive maintenance

With preventive maintenance, we try to ensure that the assets work properly and have a long life. The software helps make the processes of creating schedules, monitoring procedures and setting up maintenance routines much easier, generating schedules automatically and notifying managers of any necessary actions.

Plataforma Retain EAM

Retain is a transversal technological solution that facilitates the efficient management of operations and the CAPEX-OPEX relationship. Through a web platform, Retain offers a set of modular tools and solutions aimed at improving efficiency and reducing the lifetime cost of assets, both in the construction and maintenance phases.

Our platform is customisable and flexible, allowing it to adapt and connect with any system, both internal and external. Its modular design and its parameterisation capacity make it easy to create customised solutions, covering the specific needs of each client.

The power of the Retain platform is complemented by the experience and know-how of our consultants, from which we have developed pre-configured parameters for different sectors of activity and cases, which will be adapted to your solution as standard, thus simplifying the implementation process.

The technological platform is complemented by services for the customisation, data parameterisation or integration with other tools.

For more information, contact us and a specialist will advise you on the best solution for the management and maintenance of your company’s assets.