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We add efficiency into the BIM model

We take BIM to the highest level of operational efficiency

BIM has meant a disruptive leap in the levels of standardization of construction projects. Retain approaches the management of business assets from a BIM information models perspective aimed at achieving maximum efficiency in the operation.

The eD dimension: Business knowledge

Retain’s eD dimension completes the BIM model by incorporating business knowledge essential for Strategic Asset Management. Retain’s objective is to reduce overall investment and operating costs.

Dimensión eD: Conocimiento de negocio

Applying BIM to existing facilities and buildings

Using BIM into existing assets is of particular interest because of its volume and because the lack of integration into BIM slows down the development of the implementation of the methodology in many organizations.

Modelo BIM

In existing installations, decision making and implementation of the BIM model is critical. With Retain, new investments derived from maintenance that go to CAPEX are added directly to the modeling of the installation and its equipments.

BIM Applications

To increase the market value of the asset, we incorporate within our digital framework a system that integrates the different stakeholders and disciplines involved in its life cycle, interacting with them through IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) exchange files.

Retain in BIM assets

When we incorporate Strategic Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to BIM native assets, Retain is loaded and interacts directly with the model through IFC from the design phase.

Retain en activos BIM

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