Redefining asset lifecycle

Discover how Retain efficiency processes, based on our unique software and know-how, can transform the lifecycle of productive investments directly impacting your company’s income statement.

  • Our processes are based on the use of the Retain platform, specifically designed to optimize and automate assets management throughout their lifecycle.

  • Process automation and outsourcing allows you to free technical managers from routine actions and helps them focus on tasks that add value to the company.

  • Retain platform integrates with the systems of your organization and allows you greater control of internal and external maintainers, as well as regulatory processes.

  • We design solutions that have a direct impact on your organization’s income statement, controlling the efficiency of operations and maximizing the availability of productive assets.

We are willing to work with you, share our experience and explore solutions together.


We help organizations to transform their management model based on the efficiency of the operation, through tools that optimize the lifecycle of productive investments. We have the knowledge and technology to make your organization more efficient.

Asset Management

We help you analyze, redesign and manage the processes and activities related to the management of your organization’s assets.

Document Management

We provide services aimed at improving the management of your documentation, making it more efficient, secure and useful.

Gestión Técnico-Legal

Técnical Regulatory Management

Comply with current regulations and manage the risks inherent to your activity is easier thanks to Retain.

Eficiencia Energética

Energy Efficiency

We design protocols and projects to improve energy efficiency supported by Retain technology. Services for measurement of investment analysis based on a complete and updated inventory of assets.

Safety and Environmental

Environmental and safety management is increasingly important in companies and organizations, especially in certain industrial sectors and facilities, from a social, legal and regulatory point of view.

Project Management

Our solutions help your company manage projects more efficiently by integrating the documentation on the Retain platform.


The experience of our engineers allows us to go beyond the implementation of a technological platform, supporting our clients with consulting services to carry out a real digital transformation of their company.

Reingeniería de procesos en el ciclo de vida del activo

Process reingeneering

Improve your processes through operational reengineering projects supported by the Retain platform, which improve the efficiency of your company and directly impact the income statement.

Técnicos especialistas

Technical audits

We are technical specialists in facilities and equipment, assisting our clients in their needs for audits and improvement reports.

Gestión de proyectos de mantenimiento

Maintenance projects management

We extend our services to full outsourcing.


Advisory services

We advise financial departments and purchasing units on contracting and supplier maps.

Optimización e implantación de soluciones

Implementation and optimization services

We complement our software for management energy efficiency, environmental risks or industrial safety with optimization and implementation studies.


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