We help you to make your company more efficient

Retain is much more than business management software. It is a tool to help organizations to evolve their management towards a model based on the operations efficiency.

Our platform accumulates all our engineers’ experience and has different sectoral pre-configurations in a standard way adapted to your solution, thereby simplifying the implementation process. If you still need support, we offer consulting services that will allow you to deploy the system in your organization in much less time than you expect and with really surprising results.

We give solutions to your needs

  • Business Consulting

    We help your company to review and audit the processes and develop a strategy to improve efficiency globally.

  • Training

    We prepare the professionals of your company so that they can obtain the maximum performance of each operation.

  • Technological Implantation

    We assist you in the configuration and parameterization of the tools and develop the necessary integrations to guarantee the correct flow of business information.

  • Technical Assistances

    We provide technical specialists to perform tasks that require a high specialization or can not cover with their staff, such as inventory of assets, document management, etc.


Rely on the experience of our team of engineers, experts in digital strategy. If you have any need related to the asset management in your company, we can help you. Contact us and a consultant will advise you personally and without obligation to give a solution to your problem.

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We want to know your needs to help you find the solution that best suits your company, making the most of your resources and our experience.