Technical legal management

We help the organization to fulfill all the technical legal requirements derived from its activity, supported by the Retain and LLR technologies.

Inspection management plan

Planes Normativos - RETAIN

Managing the Regulatory Inspection cycle in an organization with a large number of assets is a complex task that, if not carried out correctly, can cause a high risk of legal requests and sanctions that affect the performance and the operation of the company.

In Retain we help our clients to automate the inspection plans of their assets and transfer them to the Retain calendar from the information stored in the document manager. Retain technology is complemented by the experience of our consultants to solve and optimize possible incidences on that calendar.

  • Increase in favorable inspections.

  • Reduction of administrative legal requests.

  • Optimization of the resources destined to inspections.

Legal requests assistance

Requerimientos - RETAIN

When a legal requests arrives, it is fundamental to attend it properly and quickly to avoid possible sanctions that affect our organization.

In Retain we offer companies technical legal support to respond to these requirements from the experience of our consultants and the knowledge database accumulated in over 25 years at the service of our customers.

  • Avoid penalties.

  • Specialized service.

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