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At Retain we have been working side by side with our customers for many years. We know that the objectives and needs of each department and each role are different. We have created a tool and a philosophy that is adapted to every person involved in the management of assets within the organization.

Whether it is the financial director of a large consumer products distributor or the manager of a service station, Retain provides tools and solutions that improve the way you work to achieve maximum business efficiency.

Maintenance department

The maintenance department is responsible for the technical management of assets in the operation phase (OPEX) and for ensuring that the rest of the organization has the necessary tools to carry out the activity with the greatest availability, guaranteeing the safety of people and complying with current regulations.

Retain provides technical managers with tools that help them maximize the availability of assets, replacing conventional spreadsheets and CMMSs with a powerful platform that allows them to correctly plan and execute the equipment Maintenance Plan and resolve in the least time and with the least number of resources any incident that must be resolved reactive. From Retain, technical managers can directly access to databases of facilities and equipment and manage internal and external organizational resources in an efficient way.

Retain also provides tools that helps them to optimize consumptions and to take an exhaustive control of the regulatory processes, avoiding to the maximum the risk of sanctions.


  • Improvement of availability ratios.

  • Greater control of regulatory processes.

  • Access to the management of the maintainers, both internal and external.

  • Facilitates the implementation of processes and methodologies in the maintenance area.

  • Robust and flexible platform. Direct support from developers.

  • Integration with other systems of the organization.

Engineering, Architecture or Construction Department

Optimización e implantación de soluciones

This departments are responsible for the asset creation phase (CAPEX) and for budgeting, planning and managing the execution of the investments.

With Retain, the CAPEX technical managers have a tool designed specifically to measure their needs, which facilitates the preparation of budgets and project planning, as well as control of the activities of AEC suppliers (Architecture, Engineering and Construction).

RETAIN advantages

  • Preparation of budgets.

  • Support for the preparation and management of ITT documents.

  • Planning tool.

  • Monitoring, control and evaluation of the scope of the project.

  • Management of resources and suppliers.

Operations department

This functional area of ​​the company is directly responsible for the business growth and the profit and loss statement.

In order to maximize sales and improve operating results, it is vital to control the efficiency of operations and the greater availability of the elements designed to facilitate the sale and development of productive activities. Traditional ERPs and systems based on office tools do not respond to the needs of the operations management.

With Retain, the entire hierarchy of the operations area has the necessary tools to optimize the use of the company’s resources and achieve the business objectives established in the Business Plan.


  • Executive Dashboard.

  • Business indicators.

  • Control of suppliers.

  • Real time incident management.

  • Risks detection.

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