Services aimed at analysing, redesigning and managing the client’s processes and activities related to the management of the organization’s assets.

Incident management and work orders

We combine the experience of our consultants with the best technology provided by the Retain platform to generate competitive advantages in the organization derived from more efficient management of asset maintenance.

We provide services aimed at implementing and maintaining the incident management protocols (work orders, requests, requests, etc.) by the centers, managers and suppliers, based on the use of the Retain platform.

  • Reduction of troubleshooting times.
  • Maximum availability of assets.
  • Elimination of bureaucracy and improvement of productivity.
  • Expertise: technicians become managers.

Preventive maintenance plans

Planes Preventivos - Retain

We help companies to define and automate their asset’s preventive maintenance plans. We use the information stored in the document manager that allows us to automatically move preventive maintenance actions to the Retain calendar, as well as the experience of our consultants to solve and optimize possible incidents on that calendar.

All the know-how accumulated in more than 25 years of experience, at the service of our customers.

  • Increase the useful life of assets.

  • Reduction of maintenance costs.

  • Energy cost savings.

Budget management

We provide specialized support for the preparation and monitoring of maintenance budgets of the organization. We assist you in the design and automation of application, comparison and selection protocols for external suppliers.

  • Reduction of administrative costs.

  • Better traceability of billing.

  • Greater expenditure and investment control.

Supplier management

Retain processes and technology make it possible to streamline the relationship with maintenance providers and increase control over their activity and performance.
We also provide additional services in order to optimize, streamline and automate the relationship with suppliers and release resources of the company currently assigned to these tasks. We help manage the knowledge of suppliers through KPIs and other indicators.
Within these supplier control activities, other related activities are included, such as Occupational Risk Prevention Management in suppliers.

  • Global vision of the performance of suppliers.

  • Improvement in supplier selection processes.

  • Reduction of administrative tasks within the organization.


Auditoria - Retain

We perform audit services on the status of the assets, legal compliance of the facilities and measurement of the quality of maintenance by expert consultants. The correct operation of the services is guaranteed and the risks derived from the operation are minimized.

  • Improves the reliability and value of assets.

  • More information for investment planning.

  • Reduces the risks of penalties and legal requests.

Inventory generation and maintenance

Inventario - Retain

Having an asset inventory correctly defined and parameterized, and keeping it updated, is key to maximizing their performance. In Retain we provide services for the inventory design, in situ data acquisition and technical/administrative support for its regular updating.

  • Real-time control of assets.

  • Access to historical information.

  • Useful information for making business decisions.

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