Energy efficiency

Services for the establishment of protocols and projects to improve the energy efficiency of the organization, as well as the measurement of investment analysis from a complete and updated inventory of assets.

Energy consulting

Nowadays, energy saving, sustainability and the environment are not only a matter of efficiency or legal compliance, it is also a commitment to society that impacts the company’s external image and the perception that its customers have of it.

Our energy consulting experts will help you establish and maintain the most appropriate energy efficiency protocols for your goals and needs.

  • Energy savings.
  • Improvement of the image relative to the environmental commitment and the emission of harmful gases.

  • Increase in energy efficiency of assets.

  • Energy control panels for decision making.

Energy inventory

Inventario - Retain

Having a complete and updated energy inventory is key to launching any energy efficiency initiative, based on knowledge and understanding of the global structure of the facilities. In Retain we help you to make an energy inventory with the relevant information of all the assets of the organization.

  • Identification and characterization of assets.
  • Improvement of traceability.
  • Reduction of intervention times.

Analysis of energy investments

The analysis of energy investments is a powerful business tool to determine the profitability of investments made in energy efficiency and make decisions regarding future investments.

  • Tool for analyzing the CAPEX cycle in assets.
  • Saving of energy costs related to the acquisition of efficient assets.

Energy audits

Auditoria - Retain

We analyze the energy quality of the equipments and facilities, allowing the organization to know the current status of its assets in relation to energy consumption and to plan corrective and improvement actions.

  • Compliance with regulations regarding the performance of energy audits.

  • Characterization of technical improvements in the production process.
  • Improvements in energy supplies.

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