Our Company

The perfect union of people and technology

Throughout our history we have discovered that the best formula to achieve results is to work with the best technological tools but always from the knowledge, experience and involvement that only the human factor can provide.

What do we do

We develop tools that make the life cycle of productive investments more efficient, helping companies to extend the useful life of their assets, improve their availability and ensure compliance with the legal regulations to which they are involved. Our knowledge and analysis of each sector allow us to create applications that improve the performance of assets and meet the needs of both technical management and exploitation as well as planning and control.

We have a mission

Help companies to transform their business management model based on the operations efficiency.

Our history

For more than 25 years we have been developing engineering projects, building a solid knowledge and processes around the design, creation and maintenance of assets in the retail environment. As a result of this experience, we launched an innovation project to develop Retain’s bases.

Retailgas is founded. It is a construction and project engineering specialized in petrol stations. Even today, Retailgas is a leader in this sector.

Development of internal management tools for engineering projects.

Innovation project to develop maintenance operations management based on Retailgas knowledge and standards.

Creation of an R&D technology area with the name Retain. The commercialization of the product begins and the specialized application development and maintenance team is consolidated.

The development of new projects around maintenance management (RETAPROD project) begins. The software is installed in thousands of service stations.

The development of Retain spreads to other sectors of activity: supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

Pioneers in BIM in Spain. Members of Build Smart Spanish Chapter.

Project for the extension of management modules from maintenance to the rest of the activities of the CAPEX cycle: document management, project management, etc. Retain emerges as an integral solution.

“Retain is not just asset management software. It is a tool that will help companies to transform themselves to improve their performance and profitability by making the most of the investments made. “

Rafael Gispert, Founder and Board Member of Retain.


Retain Technologies is a company whose value lies in the people who work every day contributing their knowledge and experience to develop innovative products that solve the problems of our customers. If you are passionate about technology and want to help companies to transform and make the most of their resources, we would love to meet you.


Miembros de Building Smart Spain

Retain is partner of the BuildingSMART Spanish Chapter, whose main objective is to promote efficiency in the construction sector through the use of open interoperability standards on BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Our focus is on the leadership of the use of BIM in the field of maintenance of facilities and infrastructures to reach new levels in reducing costs and execution times and increasing quality.

Crea Soluciones

CREA Soluciones Inteligentes (CREASI) is a consulting company in asset management, BIM and facility management.

A team of professionals who believe in the importance of providing VALUE through business models, services, processes and procedures, the collaborative work of people and the good use of technological solutions.

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We want to know your needs to help you find the solution that best suits your company, making the most of your resources and our experience.