Safety management is becoming increasingly important in companies and organizations, especially in certain sectors and industrial facilities, both from a social and a legal and regulatory point of view.


In companies, especially those with a high level of danger, certain risk activities legally require the intervention and audit of certain processes of the organization. Retain provides experienced consultants and the most advanced technology to help you meet your organization’s security obligations.

  • Decrease in risks.

  • Normative compliance.

  • Specialized advice: PRL, ADR, ATEX, etc.


In terms of security, prevention is fundamental and people are the best resource to fight against the risks inherent to the activity. That is why at Retain we offer companies courses, seminars, training seminars and awareness-raising on safety and the environment, mainly aimed at managers of centers and operators.

  • Custom training.

  • Specific training.

  • Supported on the Retain Platform.

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