Project management

Tools and services that improve the monitoring of projects and provide information and key indicators of performance. The use of the Retain platform also facilitates the document registration and integration with other processes related to the life cycle of the asset.

Project scorecard

We help managers to record and document the evolution of projects throughout their life cycle, from the request to the legalization stage. During the process, documents are associated with the actions taken for their use and subsequent consultation (handover/commissioning).

  • Improve project tracking.

  • Control of the generated documentation.
  • Reduction of requirements and penalties.
  • Reduction of bureaucratic activities.

Adaptation Works management

Gestion de Adecuaciones - RETAIN

We manage small projects to adapt assets and facilities in an agile and fast way, releasing the managers of your organization from this task. Our experience allows us to approach these projects in a professional and efficient way, at the same time that the activities are properly documented for their control and subsequent traceability.

  • Agility in adapting to normative changes.

  • Greater control over actions.
  • Complete outsourcing of the adaptation work project.

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