Retain Platform

Technology customized to your assets

Based on the experience of our engineers and consultants, we have developed a complete software platform to digitally capture, organize and exploit data, facing any operational management demand you may need.

What is the Retain platform?

Retain is a cross-technology technological solution that facilitates the efficient management of operations and the CAPEX-OPEX relationship. Through a web platform, Retain offers a set of tools and modular solutions aimed at improving efficiency and reducing the cost of the useful life of assets, both in the construction and maintenance phases.

Our platform is customizable and flexible, allowing you to adapt and connect with any system, both internal and external. Its modular design and its ability to parameterize easily create customized solutions, covering the specific needs of each client.


Technology + Knowledge

At Retain we have our own technology division with more than 15 years of experience in the development of industrial and business management applications. The Retain platform has been developed following the most advanced standards and using the latest technology to meet the needs of our clients, achieving a powerful management tool:

  • Customization of the system at the process level.
  • Intuitive interfaces that facilitate the use by operators.
  • Multi-user system with configurable roles.
  • It is integrated with the systems implanted in the client.
  • Multi-device platform (desktop and mobile devices) and multi-language.
  • Personalization of the image, improving the user experience.
  • Additional developments to adapt to specific customer needs.

The power of the Retain platform is complemented by the experience and know-how of our consultants, from which we have developed preconfigured parameterizations for different sectors of activity and cases, which will be adapted to your solution as standard, thus simplifying the implementation process

The technological platform is complemented with services for personalization, parameterization of data or integration with other tools that you have.


Reduce up to -25% your assets life cycle costs

Plataforma RETAIN

The most complete platform to manage your assets


Our interfaces are based on an initial screen with all the important information, to be able to review the management at a glance.

Notifications and alarms

It has a complete system of notifications and alarms of various types operable from any process and configurable according to the needs of users.




Customizable checklist repositories, with cataloged corrective actions or listings of any other nature.

Automated data collection

Recogida de datos

Customizable templates and campaigns to collect information of any kind (equipment, documents, etc.)

Recogida de datos



Algorithms for calculating estimated energy consumption, algorithms for calculating environmental risks, etc.

Agendas / Calendars

Display in calendar mode of expirations, schedules and tasks to be performed.

Reports / Business Intelligence

Data reports that provide added value to the processes, in an automated way or with data crossings manually.


All your data collected in a common environment:

  • Incidents: corrective, preventive or regulatory management.
  • Documents: normative and expiration.
  • Projects: status, forecasts and simulations.
  • Energy efficiency: simulations, invoices, consumption in real time, etc.
  • Other information relevant to the management of the assets of the organization.



We provide tools to the application managers to support the human resources of the client.

Hosting Services

When it comes to hosting your own Retain platform we offer different solutions that adapt to any need and technological and security requirement of your company. We work with physical and virtualized servers:

  • Dedicated: exclusive server for your organization.
  • Shared: economic solutions with total guarantee and security.
  • Cloud: allocated space and easily scalable.

Our hosting services provide maximum availability and reliability for your applications and your data:

  • Our CPDs and system administrators comply with ISO27001 regulations.
  • We make hourly, daily and incremental backups.
  • Adapted to the new European data protection regulation (GDPR).


We integrate with any web solution, or that allows web integrations, implanted in client:

  • Financial: SAP, Bavel, etc.
  • Supplier management systems.
  • CRM systems.
  • Monitoring systems: Smarkia, Schneider, etc.
  • PRL management.
  • Any system that allows integration using webservices and APIs.
Plataforma RETAIN

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