Retain Asset Management

Digital Transformation in the Asset Lifecycle

Technology and information at the service of the digital business strategy

Digital transformation projects allow companies to exploit digital technologies and their capabilities to create new business models that affect the organization and its processes.

In companies with a high number of assets, the correct incorporation of asset management into digital transformation projects is key to success. The digitalization of assets, the use of mobile and cloud technologies, IoT or artificial intelligence allow the integration of asset management in the digital universe of the company and extract useful information in real time that can be exploited by corporate systems of data analysis and Big Data.

Our response to the challenges of the 21st century

We address the digital transformation of the company throughout the Asset Lifecycle

Retain data architecture allows asset information and documentation to be kept up-to-date and shared throughout the entire lifecycle, so that the entire organization has a single view of individual elements and an overall view of the system.

Ciclo de vida del activo

Retain Platform

Retain platform is based on modular solutions interconnected among themselves and with the rest of the organization by a Centralized Information System to trigger a real digital transformation in the organization.

Central information system

System interoperability

The unique data view provided by Retain, along with the interoperability features with other systems, gives our solution a unique power and an exceptional information system to serve the digital transformation of the organization.

System interoperability

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