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We help you improve your company’s processes through operational reengineering projects supported by the use of Retain technology.

Solutions based on knowledge and technology

We maintain two simultaneous areas of knowledge: industrial engineering and data engineering. This make us stronger in the range and quality of the solutions we offer, as well as in the functional analytical practices and the developments that we customize for our clients.

Our technology is developed from the most advanced practical knowledge of our experienced engineers and is the basis from which we approach digital transformation projects.

Based on technology and our knowledge, we are the best partner for your operational efficiency projects:

  • We improve processes through operational reengineering projects and we support data generation and updating procedures.
  • We are technical specialists in facilities and equipment, assisting our clients in their needs for technical audits and improvement plans.
  • We carry out the maintenance project management, extending it to integral outsourcing services.
  • We advise financial departments and purchasing units on contracting and supplier maps.
  • We complement our software tools for the management of energy efficiency, environmental risks or industrial safety with optimization and implementation services.

Solutions to manage the whole asset lifecycle

We help organizations to transform their management model based on the efficiency of the operation, through tools that optimize the lifecycle of productive investments. We have the knowledge and technology to make your organization more efficient.

Asset Management

We help you analyze, redesign and manage the processes and activities related to the management of your organization’s assets.

Document Management

We provide services aimed at improving the management of your documentation, making it more efficient, secure and useful.

Gestión Técnico-Legal

Técnical Regulatory Management

Comply with current regulations and manage the risks inherent to your activity is easier thanks to Retain.

Eficiencia Energética

Energy Efficiency

We design protocols and projects to improve energy efficiency supported by Retain technology. Services for measurement of investment analysis based on a complete and updated inventory of assets.

Safety and Environmental

Environmental and safety management is increasingly important in companies and organizations, especially in certain industrial sectors and facilities, from a social, legal and regulatory point of view.

Project Management

Our solutions help your company manage projects more efficiently by integrating the documentation on the Retain platform.

Made by people for people

Our technicians and consultants have been trained working side by side with directors, managers, technicians and suppliers in some of the most demanding companies in the market. Based on our experience and knowledge, we have developed standard processes and customized technological solutions that allow us to perform a great speed of implementation and a high level of optimization in the use of resources.

However, what most convinces our customers is the personalized attention and the accompanying process that we carry out so that each company can adapt our solutions according to their needs.

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