Document Management

We provide classification, custody and online administration services for all types of digital technical-legal documentation, related to the life cycle of your assets.

Document Management

Gestion Documental - RETAIN

The services of Retain, based on our technology expressly designed to handle and exploit large amounts of documentation, provide an organization, storage and parameterization of documents that allow working with the available information in a more efficient, safe and useful way.

  • Immediate access to technical-legal documentation.
  • Intelligent documents that are integrated into the processes of the organization.

  • Configurable alerts and triggers of automatic or manual actions.

  • Useful and relevant information for decision making.

Loading and maintaining documents

Our consultants will help you analyze and classify the documentation associated with your assets to facilitate the loading and quality of it. In addition, our specialized technicians will support you in the tasks of loading and maintaining them, so that the documentation stops being a problem in your organization.

  • Elimination of administrative tasks performed by own personnel.

  • Improvement of the quality and usability of the documentation.

  • Mass loading of documents.

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