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More than 25 years serving companies make Retain the perfect partner to take care of your business processes and technical operations and bring more efficiency to your organization.

Why outsource to Retain?

Our clients delegate to us a wide range of tasks and responsibilities related to the quality of their operations and the maintenance of their assets.

We are located in the different value chains of the companies, adapting ourselves to their organizations and contributing to improve their operational systems and their competitiveness.

Some of the main reasons to outsource to Retain are:

  • Accessing high-level capabilities.

  • Optimize technical processes making them more efficient.

  • Keep resources in the focus of the company.

  • Free up internal resources.

  • Improve results and economic control.

  • Benefit from our innovative technology, included in the services.

  • Take advantage of Retain’s experience.

Outsourcing Services

Project Management Activities

We work for companies to improve their service levels and reduce their costs. Our capabilities and skills cover a comprehensive service or overlap with segments of activity that the client wants to enhance.

In our project management activities we work with the client to establish the base lines of objectives. We share business intelligence tools with them, producing results that are permanently visible.

Most representative activities:

  • Asset maintenance.

  • Legalization of operations and facilities.

  • Energy efficiency.

  • Reduction of environmental risks.

  • Control of industrial safety operations.

We support these activities with a digital document service that we integrate into management processes, as well as providing bureaucracy reduction and organizational efficiency.

Gestion de Adecuaciones - RETAIN

Technical Assistance

Specific activities focused on economic decisions, optimization of operating costs or improving the customer’s quality systems.

  • Audits and technical inspections.

  • Facility optimization reports.

  • Due Diligence for the purchase of assets.

  • Solutions to reduce energy consumption.

  • Improvements on environmental management or industrial safety.

  • Consultancy for contracting technical services and optimization of resources.

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