Inspection management plan

Avoid unnecesary penalties

In an organization with a high number of assets, the management of regulatory inspections can be a real problem and a considerable waste of efforts and resources that do not add value to the core business of the company.

What we do

We help our clients for effectively planning and managing regulatory inspections applicable to their assets. Our goal is to standardize and automate the inspection processes.


  • Process analysis & Inspection Plan definition.


  • Generation of reports on the state of inspection fulfillment through KPIs.
  • Process monitoring through the KPIs initially defined.
  • Management of regulatory inspections requests to the designated maintainers through campaigns.
  • Demand of global inspections based on results from partial inspections.
  • Issues management through the Maintenance Management System.


  • Full outsourcing of the management of the Regulatory Inspections cycle.

Supported by Retain technology

Retain platform provides the technology for the automation of the inspection process.

  • Automation of the process through configurable workflows according to the needs of the client and the industry where it operates.
  • Request of inspections to certifying bodies through the Maintenance Management System.
  • Automatic generation of rectification of defects requests to maintainers and correction of defects to certifying bodies after the authorization of unfavorable inspections in the Maintenance Management System.
  • Archiving of regulatory inspections documentation in the Document Management System, associated with the inspected asset after validation.
  • Purchase orders generation for the amount validated in the economic control system to which Retain is connected.

Did you know?

Retain customers have increased up to 100% global favorable inspections in the first year.

How we add value

Our objective is to help the organization to manage in a more efficient way the management of Regulatory Inspections. Our experience and the use of Retain technology allow us to bring competitive advantages to your company in this area.

  • Optimization of the routes of certifying bodies and maintainers, reducing response times and the price of services.
  • Drastic increase in the number of favorable global and partial inspections.
  • Reduction of Administrative Requirements for non-fulfillment of Regulatory Inspections.
  • Rationalize operational decision making based on the KPIs provided.
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Thanks to Retain, technical managers are free from recurring tasks that not generate added value for the company and can be source of errors and economic losses. Using Retain they can focus on the management of possible defects found.

We have wide experience on Inspection Plan Management. We are especialized on retail, energy, wholesalers, restaurants, distributors or hotels.

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