Last December Marta Gómez Palenque, General Director of Circular Economy of the Castilla-La Mancha Regional Government, visited Retain’s facilities in the Albacete Science and Technology Park. She was accompanied by Juan Bautista Torrente, Director of the Science Park.

The General Direction of Circular Economy carries out the functions related to this area, including tasks of environmental prevention, surveillance, monitoring, inspection and control in areas such as water purification, soil contamination, contamination by energy sources, environmental quality of the physical environment, air quality, etc.

It also manages the European Ecolabel system and the environmental quality guarantee label in the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha and, in general, exercises all the functions of information, coordination and application of the different environmental regulations and legislation. Finally, it is responsible for promoting and encouraging initiatives related to the circular economy.

Visita DG JCCM

From Retain Technologies we appreciate the visit and the interest shown in our work.

Circular Economy

The depletion of natural resources together with the changing needs of today’s society makes the traditional “throwaway” model of economy obsolete. The circular economy proposes a more sustainable model, environmentally and economically, whose objective is the efficient use of resources.

Unlike the linear economic model, the circular economy is based on reuse, repair, reconditioning and recycling, thereby trying to maintain the value of products and materials for as long as possible and to preserve them after the end of their useful life in order to use them again and continue creating value.

Retain and the Circular Economy

During this visit, our team took the opportunity to inform the General Manager of all Retain Technologies’ activities, focusing on technologies, BIM methodology and environmental management, about which she was particularly interested in the ERA (Environmental Risk Assessment) algorithms, waste removal management and the management of spills and soils that we have implemented in our clients.

Retain has tools to calculate the ERA (Environmental Risk Assessment) based on the documentation, state and typology of assets and facilities, processes, etc. This tool allows simulations to be carried out based on possible improvements to the installation, evaluating the impact on the ERA.


For waste management, we record the withdrawals made at our customers’ sites, specifying quantity and type, both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In addition, we associate each waste with the LER (European Waste List) code corresponding to it, allowing us to carry out an exhaustive control of the waste, in compliance with the regulations.


With regard to soil management, it consists of a series of stored records of Soil Investigation Reports (SIR), piezometers, wells, boreholes, etc., as well as soil analyses performed by specialised laboratories. All this information allows us to carry out optimum management through data analysis.