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Problems in the practical application of BIM

By |2020-11-05T10:15:40+01:0016/01/2020|BIM|

Implementing BIM in construction projects is challenging, but once adopted, the BIM methodology brings multiple benefits, especially in the area of productivity. BIM facilitates the creation of visualizations, sections and elevations freely and helps to incorporate this information later in the process of construction and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure and facilities. Problems in the practical [...]

3 keys to address the digital transformation in the company

By |2020-08-05T12:47:55+02:0003/01/2020|Transformación Digital|

Digital technologies are rapidly and dramatically changing companies and business models in all industries around the world. Many organizations are traying to incorporate these advances to reap the benefits of these technologies. Another reason is that some of the competition is already adopting these solutions because what they do not want is to be left [...]

Strategic asset management: from process to data

By |2020-11-05T09:10:42+01:0024/12/2019|Asset management|

Enterprise asset management (EAM) systems are the evolution of computer-aided maintenance systems (CMMS/CAM). CMMS focus on asset maintenance and therefore on the management and improvement of maintenance processes. In this sense, we can say that a CMMS is a system based on processes, from which it is also possible to obtain useful information for asset [...]

What is BIM? BIM Guide for Beginners

By |2020-11-05T08:47:17+01:0020/12/2019|Asset management, BIM|

The BIM methodology has made a quantum leap in standardizing asset construction. Although the concept has existed since the 1970s, it did not become popular until 2002 when Autodesk, the company that created Autocad, acquired the software company Charles River Software, which a couple of years earlier had developed a program called Revit, which was [...]

AIE+TI Business Asset Management Model

By |2020-11-05T09:09:44+01:0012/12/2019|Asset management|

Strategic Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) aims to maximise the value and performance of assets at every stage of the life cycle, from incorporation to decommissioning. Historically, EAM systems emerged as the natural evolution of maintenance management software systems (CMMS). CMMS systems focus on maintenance and the processes that take place in this area, and this [...]

The role of big data in the digital transformation

By |2020-11-05T09:01:40+01:0005/12/2019|Digital transformation|

In recent years most companies have been involved to a greater or lesser extent in digital transformation projects. Although there is a lot of literature about what digital business transformation is, a rather useful definition can be, according to Gartner: "the process of exploiting digital technologies and the capabilities that support them to create new [...]

What is strategic enterprise asset management?

By |2020-11-05T09:08:33+01:0026/11/2019|Asset management|

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the treatment of the entire life cycle of an organisation's physical assets in order to maximise their value, covering all processes from incorporation (design and acquisition) to disposal. This approach, although broader than maintenance management, still has a large reactive component. Incorporating a strategic vision into asset management allows managers, [...]

Key technologies for digital business transformation

By |2020-11-05T08:49:19+01:0022/11/2019|Transformación Digital|

With the emergence of the Internet and the development of new technologies, in recent decades companies have had to adapt their processes and even their business models to meet the new demands of their customers and to be competitive with digital native companies. The digital business transformation is the process of change that companies face [...]

What is Digital Business Transformation?

By |2020-11-05T09:03:15+01:0013/11/2019|Digital transformation|

The digital transformation affects all aspects of human society. Futurist and transhumanist philosophers, such as Ray Kurzweil or Natasha Vita More, describe how the use of technology is modifying our society in an increasingly remarkable way. This digital transformation also affects businesses. The digital transformation not only changes the way companies work, but also creates [...]

Differences between EAM and CMMS software

By |2020-05-18T10:23:03+02:0025/07/2019|Asset management, News|

If you work in the field of enterprise asset management and maintenance, you have probably used or at least heard the terms CMMS and EAM. They are often used interchangeably and have primarily the same purpose - to maintain and control company assets. However, there are important differences between CMMS and EAM that you may [...]

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