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Engineering + Technology = Efficiency

Retain asset management software is developed by a team of engineers with over 30 years of experience in complex business environments. In addition, we support you in the implementation and operation of your solution to get the most out of your assets.


Retain platform is the most advanced technological response to enterprise asset management


A team of expert engineers to help you transform your business


The best solution for outsourcing asset management services

Industry solutions based on experience

Retain EAM

Our AIE+TI model for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) places the asset at the centre of the strategy to achieve maximum efficiency and the highest value for your company.

Retain EAM AIE+TI model

AIE+TI model

  1. Asset
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Exploitation and operation
  4. Technology + Engineering

In 3 minutes

Retain is a set of IWMS applications created with the objective of maximizing the strategic value of the company’s physical assets.

Fully integrated in the BIM methodology, our solutions include management and control elements throughout the asset life cycle.

Digital Transformation in Asset Management

Retain incorporates asset management into the digital business transformation strategy. The Retain modular system operates around a Central Information System capable of interoperate with the rest of the company’s systems.

Central information system

BIM for Operational Efficiency

The BIM model is already a standard in the design and construction of new assets. Applying BIM for asset management is now possible thanks to Retain and the eD dimension, even on existing non-BIM assets.

BIM for Operational Efficiency

Retain International

We accompany our clients wherever their assets are. Wherever they need us, anywhere in the world.


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We want to know your needs to help you find the solution that best suits your company, making the most of your resources and our experience.

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