Main CMMS functionalities of an asset management software

By |2020-11-05T09:50:12+01:0015/05/2020|Asset management|

Asset management software provides a range of vital capabilities for companies with asset-intensive business models. Broadly speaking, EAM software differs from CMMS in that the former manages the asset throughout its life cycle, while the latter focuses primarily on maintenance operations. Given that in this type of company maintenance, in addition to being a value [...]

Maintenance supplier management with EAM

By |2020-11-05T09:49:41+01:0007/05/2020|Asset management|

Managing service providers is part of the daily tasks of maintenance managers. Subcontracting continues to grow, whether in maintenance operations, industrial processes, ancillary equipment or buildings. Preventive and corrective maintenance services are available, as well as those related to regulatory controls. An EAM system designed for maintenance and technical service providers facilitates the day-to-day work [...]

Best practices in Project Management for Asset Maintenance

By |2020-11-05T08:57:58+01:0028/04/2020|Asset management, News|

In companies that make intensive use of business assets in their operation, managing these assets efficiently is undoubtedly one of the main challenges they face. Projects related to asset management, whether for the incorporation of new elements or the updating and maintenance of existing ones, play a vital role in the organization. Taking into account [...]

Asset management in the COVID-19 emergency

By |2020-04-23T10:41:38+02:0023/04/2020|Asset management, News|

In companies with a business model intensive in the use of business assets, management and maintenance of these assets is key to operational and commercial activity, and therefore vital to obtaining maximum value from investments. Facing complicated emergency scenarios such as the one we are currently experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the total or [...]

Guide to planning the implementation of EAM

By |2020-11-05T10:15:12+01:0019/02/2020|Asset management|

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) tools allow managers, especially in companies with a high number of dispersed assets, to have a broad view of the asset life cycle and its relationship to operations. These tools go far beyond a simple Maintenance Manager (GMAO/CMMS) and can include in their analysis financial issues such as full cost of [...]

Differences between EAM and CMMS software

By |2020-05-18T10:23:03+02:0025/07/2019|Asset management, News|

If you work in the field of enterprise asset management and maintenance, you have probably used or at least heard the terms CMMS and EAM. They are often used interchangeably and have primarily the same purpose - to maintain and control company assets. However, there are important differences between CMMS and EAM that you may [...]

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